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Elite US Firm

Securing our spot on the Preferred Supplier List

Case Study: Strategic Recruitment Partnership with an Elite US Law Firm


Pembury Legal, a leading recruitment agency specialising in the legal sector, has recently marked a significant milestone by securing a place on the Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for Business Services Lateral Recruitment in London for an elite US law firm. This achievement underscores Pembury Legal's commitment to excellence and its capability to meet the sophisticated talent needs of top-tier law firms.


The elite US law firm faced challenges in filling specialised roles within their Knowledge, Compliance, and Risk departments. These positions required candidates with not only a high level of expertise but also the ability to seamlessly integrate into the firm's culture and work ethic. The firm sought a recruitment partner that could understand their unique needs, provide exceptional candidates, and manage complex recruitment scenarios efficiently.



Pembury Legal stepped in with its dedicated approach to legal recruitment, focusing on areas where the firm had the most acute needs: Knowledge, Compliance, and Risk. Pembury's strategy involved a deep dive into the firm's requirements, leveraging their extensive network to identify and engage candidates who not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with the firm's values and culture.


Pembury Legal's efforts led to the successful placement of key roles within the firm, earning them praise for their:

  • Excellent support in critical recruitment areas.

  • Ability to manage challenging conversations and situations effectively.

  • Presentation of high-quality candidates that precisely fit the brief.

  • Adherence to the firm's internal processes.

Feedback from the Elite US Law Firm

The firm acknowledged Pembury Legal's dedication to recruitment excellence and their commitment to delivering high-quality candidates. The firm highlighted Pembury Legal's proficiency in handling difficult roles, maintaining open communication, and managing complex situations with ease. Their ability to present candidates who not only meet the technical requirements but also fit the firm's culture was particularly appreciated.

Future Outlook

Being on the PSL is a testament to Pembury Legal's expertise and the trust the elite US law firm places in their recruitment services. This partnership is poised for mutual success, aligning with both parties' goals and objectives for the coming year. The firm looks forward to a fruitful relationship and the positive impact Pembury Legal will bring to their recruitment processes.


Pembury Legal's inclusion in the PSL of an elite US law firm is a significant achievement that highlights their exceptional service and commitment to meeting the complex recruitment needs of the legal sector. This partnership not only reflects the trust and confidence the firm has in Pembury Legal but also sets the stage for a collaborative and successful relationship aimed at achieving shared goals and objectives.