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Embracing our Refer a Friend program offers a win-win scenario for everyone involved. When you refer a colleague or friend for a relevant position, not only are you helping them unlock a potentially life-changing career opportunity, but you also stand to gain from your thoughtful recommendation. This program is built on the foundation of mutual benefit—your friend gains a fantastic job opportunity, and you enjoy tangible rewards, all while strengthening professional relationships and contributing positively to the careers within your circle.


Refer a friend to Pembury Legal, and should our efforts result in their successful placement within a law firm or corporation, you will be rewarded with £800 in Amazon vouchers after they have successfully navigated their probationary period. Rest assured, the career advancement of your referral, as with all of our candidates, is our top priority. Pembury Legal maintains robust relationships with esteemed law firms, offering access to a spectrum of elite professional opportunities.

To qualify for this reward, it's crucial that you mention this referral scheme at the time of your friend's introduction to us. Please note, the individual you refer should not have been in contact with Pembury Legal in the past 12 months to be eligible. This policy is in place to ensure fairness and encourage new connections. By participating, you not only assist a friend in advancing their career but also gain a substantial reward after they've demonstrated their commitment and value to their new role.

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