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When should you resign after getting a job offer?

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​Here are five simple steps to ensure a happy and stress-free process after receiving a job offer you want to accept:

1.) Firstly, only resign after receiving the contract! This is to ensure the company has the sign-off to make an offer. If no offer comes and you have already resigned, you could be left without a job.

2.) After receiving the contract, take a day to review the paperwork. If there is anything you are unsure about, ask your recruiter to ask questions on your behalf.

3.) Return the signed contract only after you are satisfied with everything

4.) Wait for both receipt and confirmation from your new employers stating it is okay to resign. Why? Companies will sometimes want to conduct either a conflicts check and/or references with everyone except current employers before you resign.

5.) Resign in a respectful manner (either in person or video call) and send a follow-up email confirming. Once this is done, email your new employers to say you have resigned and start considering a potential start date.

Remember- Starting a new job is an exciting time but ideally should be done with respect for both your current and new employers