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What questions should I ask at the end of the interview?

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​One of the worst things to do at the end of an interview is to not have any questions. Other ill-advised options include crying, self-flagellation, or going for a long and awkward hug… but I digress. Asking no questions at the end of interviews could give the impression you aren’t that interested in the role, interviewers, and the company as a whole. As such, here are a couple of questions to ask:

1.) Have I said anything during the interview which makes you hesitant about my application?

Risky-so read the room before asking but this question is a personal favourite of mine. The beauty of this question is that if an interviewer goes give you a real answer it allows you a last chance to address any doubts they have with relevant examples and explain why you are the best candidate for the role.

2.) What attracted you to the firm before joining?

This is always a good way of building rapport (which of course you should aim to do from the outset) and gives you an insight into the interviewers as people.

3.) What will the day-to-day involve?

An obvious question but gives you an insight into what the role will involve and an opportunity to explain how there is a synergy between your current job and this one. As we know, matching your skills and experience to the role is key.

4.) What are the growth plans of the company in the next five years?

This question illustrates you taking an active interest in the future of the company whilst giving interviewers the opportunity to shed light on the ambition of the company.