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What interviewers will never tell you about the interview!

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As we all know, the interview process can be a bit of a game. Interviewees will aim to give the best account of themselves even though we may be painfully anxious whilst interviewers will try to be the perfect representation of the company without mentioning any colleagues who got outrageously drunk at the last Xmas dinner. With this in mind, it is important to think about what interviewers may do before, during, and after the interview which you may never even considered. Here are 5 points below:

  • Checking your LinkedIn and social media profiles to assess your personality. Interviewers will most likely check your online presence beforehand so it is important to keep posts appropriate.

  • Verify anything you are hesitant about after the interview. If you have been involved in a high-profile bit of work, the interviewer could check the legal press/company website to double-check your involvement. Therefore, never lie or exaggerate in an interview!

  • If you may clash with your new potential colleagues. As such, be friendly and as approachable as possible

  • Chat with mutual contacts about you after the interview. This is controversial as it goes against confidentiality and discretion but a real possibility if the interviewer is particularly close to the contact

  • A detailed insight on how you compare with other candidates. In the interview, you only have control and knowledge of yourself therefore don’t worry about other people and focus on being the best version of yourself.