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How to get interview feedback after not getting the job

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​Constructive feedback explaining why you haven’t secured a position can be useful. However, not all companies are forthcoming about it. This is frustrating as a couple of lines isn’t taxing. Here are a couple of ways to get feedback after interviewing for the job either through a recruiter or directly.

Through a Recruiter

A recruiter should be able to explain to an applicant why they haven’t secured the position after interviewing for a role. If a recruiter hasn’t or has given you limited information, I would suggest one of the following:

  • Get the recruiter to explain on your behalf that you enjoyed meeting the company and you would appreciate interview feedback to improve for upcoming roles. I would register an interest if that company hires in the future.

  • I would also connect with the hiring manager or interviewers on Linkedin and send a note thanking them for their time. Based on the response (if there is one and judge on a case-by-case basis), I would also say if there is any feedback to help on other applications, you would be grateful. I would only do this if the response is positive and the other person starts engaging in conversation. Don’t be pushy!

Directly (pick one of the following)

  • If you built a good rapport with the hiring manager throughout the process, I would call directly and thank them and as above, explain how feedback would be useful

  • Email either the hiring manager or interviewers directly saying you would like to keep in contact and feedback would be welcome for future applications

  • Connect on Linkedin and politely follow up

The key thing in both scenarios is to explain why it is useful to you in a friendly manner. It gives a good impression and you are more likely to get a positive result.