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How to explain multiple moves on your CV

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Multiple moves on your CV can make potentially make law firms and companies a bit uneasy. Why? This is mainly because if you have a few moves on your CV within a short space of time (and not a contractor by nature), hiring managers will question how long you will spend in a new role. Furthermore, it could also raise questions of whether you as a person could be a difficult person to get on with professionally- irrespective of the potentially very valid reasons. Here are 6 ways to deal with this question:

  • Focus on the career progression you did achieve or thought you would attain with the move e.g. from a mid-tier firm to a higher-ranking firm.

  • Focus on skillset you acquired with each move- either breadth or a specialism depending on the role you are applying to.

  • Health reasons/Personal family circumstances- this could be a sensitive issue but if did have to take time off work for health reasons or cared for a loved one that required less time in a role, it is worth mentioning.

  • If your partner has to travel a lot for their role, it may be worth explaining the moves are for relocation purposes.

  • As this is likely to be the first time you are meeting with a new employer, slagging off your current employers is likely to be seen as unprofessional. Therefore, focus on the positive of the new company.

  • Giving a long and detailed explanation of the moves may actually be counterproductive and be considered even more suspicious. Keep it short, sharp and to the point.

If you are not asked in an interview about the various moves on your CV, it is likely that this is not an issue for the company. This could either because you came across particularly well in the interview or you are in an area in which your skillset is in high demand. It is also best to speak about 1 or 2 reasons that are particularly valid rather than using all those suggested!