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5 key factors to consider when job hunting

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Many factors can affect the decision to move but the questions below focus on key elements to consider:

  1. Can you progress at your current firm? By this I mean, can you progress through the promotion/appraisal and rise through the ranks to a level you are aiming to be. If the process is less convoluted and potential quicker at another company, it may be worth considering other options.

  2. Are you being paid in line with your peers? Different firms pay different salaries dependent on their size and budgeting. But if you can get paid more for the same hours, money can be a motivating factor. Or if you are happy to take a salary cut for more accommodating hours, this could also be a good reason to move.

  3. Do you find your workload stimulating? Candidates I speak to often want to either specialise in an area of taking on more generalist work. If you are not getting the work you want and this unlikely to change either due to conversations with superiors or simply judging on how the company operates, there are companies who could satisfy this need.

  4. Do you like the people you work with? Bearing in mind you can sometimes spend more time with colleagues than your own family, it is important to get along with the people you work from both a professional perspective but for overall peace of mind. If this isn’t the case, a change could be worth pursuing.

  5. Are my own principles and ethos in line with my current company? Typically, when you move into a role, it is typical for you and the company to share the same values. But sometimes this isn’t the case or the company and even you can change. As such, it is better to be at a company that is more in keeping with you as a person.