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The pros and cons of using a recruitment agency, (candidate perspective)

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​If you are considering using a recruitment agency, here are five pros and cons of each (to avoid any bias):


  1. Salary Negotiation - a recruiter can negotiate the best salary and working arrangement on your behalf without the potential awkwardness of asking for this directly.

  2. Tailored Interview and CV Advice – this can include tips on how to improve your CV according to the specific requirements of a role and highlight what work experience a firm is particularly keen on.

  3. A balanced view about the role – a recruiter can give you a full overview of the market and explain other similar roles or firms in comparison.

  4. Insider information about a specific firm- this can be through explaining the profiles of interviewers and details on the team size, salary and progression opportunities.

  5. Utilising the agency’s close relationship with a firm – if a recruiter has placed candidates and has a good relationship with the firm, this makes an introduction easier and may enhance an application.


  1. Recruiters calling about irrelevant roles - unfortunately some recruiters will put a priority on making the placement rather than listening to what the candidate wants resulting in annoying and needless conversations.

  2. The bar tends to be higher when an agency is paying a fee - as a firm is paying the agency, this means they may be selective as to who to interview in order to justify the placement fee.

  3. The ability to speak directly to the firm via HR - applying directly gives the opportunity to hear directly from the firm and have more autonomy with your application.

  4. Potentially more flexibility with the interview process – this may avoid pushy recruiters advising you to drop everything for an interview.

  5. Being one of a few candidates put forward for a role- recruiters can put more than one person for a role and may push one candidate over another.