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How to improve your LinkedIn profile to secure more job interviews

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​Before interviewing for a role, it is more than likely someone from the company you are in process with will look at your LinkedIn profile. As such, it is important to ensure your LinkedIn profile looks professional, credible and highlights key areas of expertise. Here are 5 things to include:

A brief summary in the “About me” section. This should be a 3-6 lines and include:

  • Where you are working and how many years’ experience you have in the chosen field

  • Key skills relevant to the area i.e. a specific Certificate or Qualification

  • Language skills

  • Any group/association linked to your expertise

Up-to-date work experience. This can include bullet points of the specific duties of current and previous work experience. I would keep this concise- ideally a handful of key bullet points per work experience. Ensure all spelling and grammar for the whole profile is correct.

A professional picture. This can from your current place of work or within a business setting. I would avoid any casual pictures and ones where viewers cannot see your full face.

Recommendations from professionals within your sector. Ideally these will be from director/manager either at your current or previous company. Colleagues would also work well.

Posting articles relevant to the space. This always look good especially if it generates discussion from other people in the area. I would avoid any very personal/political posts that are more reserved for Instagram and Facebook. This is to avoid wrong impressions people can form particularly as it is very easy to offend people on Linkedin!