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5 reasons why you should become a professional support lawyer

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​Over the past 15 years, the role of a professional support lawyer has changed dramatically. Previously seen by some as a “glorified librarian”, the role of a PSL has evolved from simply dealing with precedent to a more active involvement in strategy and client-facing initiatives.

 As such, here are 5 reasons why should consider become a PSL:

Salary! A standard PSL role can pay between 85-130K dependent on the firm

No More Target Billables! Rather than obsessing over target billables, an incoming PSL will not have to worry about billable targets and is able to focus on the work itself.

A better work/life balance! PSL hours are traditionally fixed between 9am-5pm. Rarely will a PSL work weekends if any and so this make for a more stable family and working life.\

A genuine career path! At most law firms, a standard PSL can be promoted to the following positions:

    • Senior PSL/Managing PSL

    • Head of a specific PSL department

    • Director of Knowledge Management-with some firms paying up to 200K

    • PSL partner

A more varied role! In essence, a PSL is a trusted advisor to the firm on both market and legal updates affecting the department. In addition, a PSL can also be involved in business development, training, legal writing and even seminar work across the globe. Given the rise of AI and Innovation across the legal space, many PSL roles can overlap into these areas resulting in an interesting and intellectually rewarding career path

With firms ranging from Magic Circle/US to West End firms currently seeking to fill PSLs role, the PSL market will only continue to become more buoyant. As such, fee-earners looking a for new challenge should definitely consider becoming a PSL in the New Year.